Jan. 3rd, 2013 08:23 pm
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This has popped up on several blogs that I follow. Most notably on [personal profile] kay_brooke's. So, I'm going to do this too:

Creative Goals:


- Finish NaNo '12
- Edit half of NaNo '10
- Plot out One Wing Angel
- Write one prompt for [community profile] darkfantasybingo
- Work on Wizard cross stitch 2 hours a week.

These are just my writing goals. I have other personal goals but those are for my personal blog. Now, to work on them.
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My children return to school in the morning. This means my writing time returns and I can be as loud/quiet/etc that I want.

Things I'm going to be writing:

- KoO Yes, again. I've got a new way of beginning it and am cleaning up some plot problems.
- Bad Harlequin A romance story that I am rewriting because some of it just irritated me.

This will go on until the dreaded NaNo. I don't know what I'll be doing then, but... I will be doing NaNo, of course.
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So, real life has been... well, interesting is one word to put to it. My two older daughters came for a visit. They're beautiful young women, and I really enjoyed having them around. They didn't even mind riding the bus! (Actually, the younger of the two thought it a neat adventure!)

That was one up. Another one was that my daughter loved her Geisha. She's going to send me pictures once she hangs it on her wall. I am excite!

The down is the depression I feel lurking at the base of my skull because it'll be almost a year before I can see them again. Sigh. Time to get a lot of things done, I guess? I don't know.

But, what I do know is that it's time to get my writing back on track. To do that, I need to rearrange my living room (again) and set up my writing station and actually get back into the habit of sitting there to write.

I think I am going to download this to work on my writing/other things with. So maybe it will help. As well, I'm going to continue following UnFuckYourHabitat on Tumblr, which is doing a lot for helping me break down my days.

There are, of course, other things going on, but those are for my personal blog.

I hope everyone is having a good summer!


Oct. 20th, 2011 01:55 pm
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So, apparently, today is National Day on Writing. Who knew?

So, as I just posted to my twitter feed: "Because my head is too full of Other People. #whyI write"

There are some real gems in there:

From @spacejock: "To get the voices out of MY head and into YOURS."

From @neilhimself: "Because I can lie beautiful true things into existence, & let people escape from inside their own heads & see through other eyes."

From @LouMorgan: "Because I never trusted the primary school teacher who told me nothing good ever came of day-dreaming."

So, yes, apparently, today is National Day on Writing. Why do you write?

NYT article
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So, maybe you've realized that NaNoWriMo is right around the corner? Yeah, I have.

So, the current plan - which is writing itself in my brain as I type - is to write Moon-fic stuff.

I know it doesn't sound like a hard enterprise but I've had a rough year, not writingly, but a tough personal year and the end of the year... isn't going to be any better. Because that's just the way it is.

However, I'm hoping that with NaNo, I can once again pick up my writing speed and start writing again. I hope, anyway. Lately, I've finished a fanfiction and an original piece sorta steampunky but also sorta fantastical/magical realism? I'm not sure what to classify it as.

Anyway, eventually, I will actually get back to my real blogging and explaining the whole writing process thing.

However, one question! Does anyone know of any decent query letter sites? Something to explain how to write/what to write? I'm trying not to flail too hard about KoO.
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This post, actually, started out in my head as a 'Why I do NaNoWriMo' post. However, I was talking with a friend over IMs, and realized I don't, really, need to get into why I do NaNoWriMo. Mostly, because it boiled down to just a few words:

Because I want to.

Perhaps not the most adult answer, but the most honest one.

However, I thought that I'd answer a question that my friend asked me:

"Why do challenges all year long? Isn't NaNo enough?"

Well, I'm going to answer the latter question first: No, NaNo isn't enough. See; although the franticness of November includes NaNo and Thanksgiving, it isn't enough to keep me going all year long.

So, this past year, I experimented with giving myself guidelines and a schedule to keep. Some of that schedule got skewed along the way (this past summer I didn't have nearly as much writing time as I thought) but all in all, I worked a lot better with the schedule, than I did without.

It's also why my personal journal ends up being more of a 'what needs to be done today' list than an actual journal. Although today I tl;dr-ed all over the place.

Yes, I make lists. If I don't, nothing gets done. No, seriously, nothing gets done. I look down and it's 10am. I look up and it's 3.30 and all I've managed to get done is lose horribly at spider solitaire a lot.

Frankly, that's not a skill that I should flaunt.

The lists keep me on track. But, here's the thing: Even lists aren't enough to keep me motivated. So, I look around for things to keep my brain moving and keep me from getting bored with what I have to do to improve my writing.

That is where my competitive streak comes in. See, I cannot let other people 'beat' me. I cannot roll over and let them 'win' at anything, even if it's something so silly as creating something that I neither have the skill nor the patience to create.

I join challenges to keep me going. I join challenges so that I can point to something and say "I beat that!" I'm sure this points to something psychological or something, but I just use it as a motivational tool.

There are some other pretty hefty reasons, but those are personal and this is a writing blog. Back to the writing:

Challenges keep me from stagnating and playing so much spider solitaire that I explode my computer out of sheer frustration. That means that at the end of the week/month/day/whatever, I have something to point to and say... "I did that."

Now, to give updates on my various challenges: Challenges )

So, this entry has become very long and pretty much a big ego stroke for me. However, I believe creators - be it in writing, cooking, fabric crafts or anything else - have the need to stroke their own egos every once in a while.

I know several writers who do it. They do it unashamedly. I'm trying to follow their good examples. Now, if I could just get something published? Then, you'd really see some ego stroking!
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Hello fair flisters! It is May, and the flowers are springing, and school is winding to a close, and life is beginning to reappear in my part of the world.

This is, of course, the perfect time to begin banging out the edits on my one work of d00m, and start working on things to finish a damned WIP.

I need to finish the last 90 pages of editing and finish several works in progress.

But, I also have books to read. Normally, I don't talk - unless I review - about what books I'm reading but having just bought several, I'm going to actually be a bit excited about them.

The one I'm most excited about is The Atlas of Sacred and Spiritual Sites. It's beautifully illustrated, and has a lot of information about sacred sites all over the world. I love it not only for that, but because it sparked ideas about things yet again.

That, however, is not what this post is about.

For the month of May, I have some creative goals, and as this is my creative journal, I'm posting them here.

- Finish editing Changes (the work of d00m) I'm at page 63/153. So, 90 left.
- Read! A lot! Reading is good! I like reading. (I miss reading)
- Maybe work on a WIP. This isn't a definite, because I don't know what's going to happen.

So, those are the goals. Let's see how badly I fail.

[For those on the personal journal f-list, I swear my mood didn't change that fast. Just I like this one to be a bit more upbeat than the other.]

Le sigh.

Sep. 6th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Instead of doing all the world building necessary to create a world for my NaNo project, I am, instead, contemplating yet another project.

My brain is a strange place. However, soon, I'm going to be buckling down and getting the world building done. I don't have time to start something else before NaNo begins. Add in that I'll be moving (again) in November, and there's something to be said for scouting everything now.

Now, to tackle the laundry monsters again, before disappearing into the lounge to rearrange it.
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Honestly, that should be "not writing while sick".

Lately, I've been rather ill. With massive headaches, and terrible vertigo, writing has been all but nil and put me even further behind. The trouble is, I can't be angry about that. What am I supposed to do? Write until I pass out/fall over? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

So, the thing I've come to realise is that while I keep putting pressure on myself, life is going to interfere and that may mean I won't make my self-imposed deadline. I can't do anything about it. I can continue working toward it, of course, but there's nothing I can do if I don't make it. Especially with Memorial Day coming.

Also, I've noticed an upswing in certain corners of the writing world that have a lot to do with writers owing their readers something.

Pretty basically, that's a lot of bullshit. I don't care if it's a fanfiction, free e-zine, something on a blog or a published series. The only one(s) that the writer 'owes' is the publisher, and possibly an editor. Why? Because they have a contract in writing.

I had a lot more to say, but the vertigo is kicking in again, and I'm exhausted this evening. Hopefully, soon, I'll get back to working on the manuscript.
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And in the beginning there was a post.

And here it is.

Honestly, I dithered on names for this account most of a weekend. I gave hard thought to it, and, eventually, decided that I needed a blog that is truly about my writing. And to do that, I needed it to be mine.

That probably makes no sense, but I'm not trying to make sense to you. Not yet, anyway.

Eventually, though, I'm sure you will understand my circular reasoning, and hopefully, come to understand what is here.

For now, let me give you an overview of what you will, and will not see here:


- Anime reviews
- Talk about being a mom and writing
- Talk about word counts and editing
- Talk about publishing, e-publishing, Triond, and others
- Book reviews
- Occasional snippets of stories

Will not:

- Fanfiction (sorry!)
- Talk of children, by name
- Personal stuff

Eventually, I'm going to get up a post about current projects, my feelings about them, and possibly a synopsis of what they are about. I will definitely give you a run down of the 'headpeople' as I like to call them and what they like to torture me with.

So. Here I am: Cat Rood, the writer.


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