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I'm suddenly remembering why I stopped reviewing and critting things for a lot of people. Sigh.
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I very rarely bring in my real life here. I have other blogs for that. This is my creativity blog, where I talk about writing and cross stitching and things that help me with that.

However, this is also read by more people, and I want to vent.

Here is the story:

In March 2007, my divorce from my second husband was finalized. He was ordered to pay $178 per month in child support. Since March of '07, I've received $84.37 (in November '08). As of the beginning of this month the arrears are: $11,048.01

I know that in the grand scheme of things, that isn't a lot. However, it would help us desperately. Even an extra $100 a month would be a god send at this point.

However, I'm angry.

Why am I angry? Because the children will never see any of that money. Ever. Because even though I have kept up with my obligation to track him down and hand over information to child support, they can't verify his address, and if they do, he miraculously comes up with a doctor's letter stating he cannot work. And he has been doing this for years.

According to child support, there's not a damned thing they can do. They've suspended his license. Well, as long as I've known him, he hasn't had one.

He doesn't work. I found him recently, because he was arrested for assault and now has a parole officer, who is obligated to talk to child support.

So, now they can confirm where he lives, but nothing else will be done. And there's nothing they can do.

I'm tired of this.

My ex has nothing to do with the children. There's never any attempt at contact unless I initiate it, and I've give up trying because my daughter flat out said she didn't want to talk to him because she had me and her brother and he obviously didn't want them.

Now, she was ten at the time, but I've acceded to her wishes to stop trying to forge a relationship between the three of them. Not just because of her wishes, but also because of the strain it puts on my own mental health.

Basically, this man has nothing to do with any children, except his eldest son, because that boy still gets SSI, I believe.

Frankly, there's something broken in the system and I don't know what to do about it. Or even where to start.

This is utterly ridiculous. He's gaming the system and getting around his obligation. Never mind the moral obligation he has to the children.

I hope karma bites him in the ass.

What? WHY?

Oct. 25th, 2010 08:28 pm
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So, I've never made it a secret that I take writing classes online. The list is here (yes, yes, I know, they're a romance novel place. So what?)

However, I'm taking the Werewolf class. Guess what invaded? I bet you'll never guess.

The question is Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?

... I'm sorry but why?

I've never made it a secret that I hate Twilight. I hate the fanaticism it evokes, I hate the fandom, I hate the stupidity that it brought about and I only watch the RiffTrax versions of the movies. Why? Because it's the only way I can stand them.

I just do not understand why this damned series must be invoked every single time someone talks about werewolves. Guess what? There were other series (better ones!) written, using werewolves and vampires.

Just... seriously? Keep the damned sparklepires out of my damned werewolf class!
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I've noticed a very disturbing trend among a certain genre.

I'm a reader of romance. I love trashy romance novels. I love curling up with them and just letting them take me out of my shitty life for a while.

However, there's one thing I find disturbing about a newer trend that I've noticed: The heroine keeps getting younger.

Now, if it's historical romance, I'm alright with a sixteen-eighteen year old female protagonist. That's the way it was. Women married young, often to older men, for a variety of reasons.

However, if you're writing contemporary romance, and your heroine is sixteen to eighteen, you're really going to have to sell me on the fact that she's mature enough to even be thinking like this.

I've been a sixteen year old bride. I was divorced for the first time at age 20. I know what those marriages are like, because I've been in one!

I find it disturbing that more people aren't sitting up and taking notice of this. Yes, I know, Twilight. But here's the thing: Meyer was also writing about how her church preaches that it "should" be. It was, in my opinion, a religious agenda that she used Bella to portray.

Which, really, is fine. If that's what people want to write/read, then go ahead and do that.

But dear sweet baby Jeebus bouncing on a pogo stick, please recognize it for what it is!

The majority of sixteen to eighteen year olds are not mature enough to have a lifetime commitment to anyone. Hell, a lot of thirty year olds aren't mature enough for marriage. (I know. Again, I was married to one!)

I don't know if it's merely becoming far more mainstream now than it was, or if it is an actual trend in the selling of romance novels, but I cannot fathom who thought that a good idea.

I'll admit, it not only disturbs me because I was a sixteen year old bride, but also because my eldest daughter is sixteen and if anyone tried to marry her off, I'd take her and hide her and shake some sense into her.

Random rant of the day. Now, I go back to bed.
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Eventually, I'm going to have something intelligent to put here.

Eventually, there will be more posts here about writing and what I am/am not doing.

Eventually, I will get off my butt and get things done about this blog.

Eventually, I might show everyone a brain process.

Eventually, it will be NaNo and the counters will begin again.

Eventually, I'm going to rewrite KoO (September) and then all my frustration will vomit onto the screen again.

Eventually... I'll actually be the writer I keep claiming to be.
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Vanity publishing is paying someone to publish a book you've written. Usually for a pretty hefty fee. One of the most famous ones is Publish America. I'm sure, if you're anywhere on the internet, or even off of it, you've heard of it, or the other well known ones:,, or to name a few.

Well, recently there have been kerfluffles, because other well known names are getting into vanity publishing, including giant names like and Harlequin. That's right, Harlequin. As in all those trashy romance novels that you/your friend read during high school? Yeah, those guys.

But this is... I'm not sure what this is.

A company named Tweetbookz will turn your everything you've Twittered into a book. So, every inanity you've ever put on Twitter can now become a book, that you can show everyone. You're a published author!

Okay, seriously? I know these guys will make money off of it. Someone's going to spend money on this, and there's not a damned thing I, or anyone else, can say to stop those fools.

But really? Has the vanity publishing industry sunk this deeply?

I mean PA isn't a prize. There is tonnes of proof that they're just out to make a buck. And people still pay them.

But this is just ridiculous.

Sure, I know people can write drabbles and tell a story in 100 words or less, but... this is honestly just strange to me.

Where did I hear about this?

The SFWA community on LJ

I just don't understand the depths people go to to be published.


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