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Alright, so my NaNo is only fanfiction, but really, it doesn't matter, because I need MUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC.

So. Here's the thing. I'm writing Avenger MCU/AU X-Men 616 fanfiction.

This means, I need Tony Stark music (I already have:

- Iron Man 1&2 soundtracks
- Avengers Soundtrack
- Thor soundtrack
- Hulk Soundtrack)

And Jubilee music. The best way to describe Jubilee:

For Length )

Also: She explodes things with her powers. EXPLODES THINGS OKAY?

So, gimme your recommendations! ALL OF THEM! Yay music!
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Okay guys. I'm doing NaNo again this year. However, instead of doing anything original - I'm going to be editing during November when I'm not writing - I'm going to be writing fanfiction.

It'll be Marvel fanfiction. I know you're shocked. It'll be a fusion of Movie-verse and Comics-verse.

The premise is thus:

Jubilee meets Tony Stark for the first time at some sort of benefit that her parents are having at their house in Beverly Hills. She's ten; he's almost thirty. They become friends and eventually family. When the Avengers (Movie-verse) happen, they aren't very thrilled to one day find a sixteen year old girl in Tony's apartment. In fact, Widow might break her vow not to kill him.

It will be eventual Steve/Tony (thanks Jubes).

As scenes/things get written on it, it will be posted at [ profile] bkuchiki - where I've been posting all my fanfiction (crit is always welcome if you wanna run over there and read what's posted there).

So. Yeah. Feel free to prod me here/there. The tag for that fanfiction will be NaNo AU.



Oct. 11th, 2012 04:26 pm
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Dear Mental Health Issues:

Plz to let me be writing again?

Anyway, yeah. Have not been writing - okay, nothing original, just fanfiction because I have Shiny New Fandom Syndrome (TM).

Current fandom: Teen Wolf. Yeah. I never thought I would either, but whatever.

So. NaNo? Might be a thing. I don't know yet. I'll probably do it, just so I can say I did again. My apathy is really bad this year. Hell, I might take prompts... Mrr. Possibilities are sparking.


Going back to sparkly new fandom.
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So, NaNoWriMo is done and over with for another year. I have, once again, participated and beaten the challenge, though this year was a bit harder than last year. All the prep work, I think, really paid off last year. I'll have to try it again next year.

Now, I just have to keep the momentum for the rest of the year until next November. That is usually where I have trouble. I love to write, and do it every day. However, I just don't have the monofocus I do during November and I'm not sure how to keep it up. (Suggestions welcome.)

I've used GYWO over on LJ to help motivate me some. Except, I don't think I picked the proper level. I chose 250k, and... I'm at almost 290k now.

I'm hoping to actually write that query letter in the next few days, and get that sent out.

Also, I'm wanting to go back to last year's NaNo and rip into it. Maybe, what I need is to edit something, even if it means a complete crying jag over how bad something is. (And last year's NaNo, though I love it... is bad. I've been reading it the last few days and it's bad.)

I also need to get back in the habit of making playlists, so that I have something that indicates to my brain that now is writing time. Not playing time.

Which means, really getting back into the groove and carving out my writing time. The beginning of the month is always hectic, and this month is no exception. I'm so tired tonight that I'm going to bed as soon as this posts.

Also, since I haven't spoken about them in a while, my other Creative Every Day things:

Knitting is now over 50% done. I need to take pics and post them, but it's coming along. Slowly, but surely. I had to go buy more yarn because I hadn't bought the right amount. I was lucky and could get the exact yarn I needed and will probably have a ton left over which I can use to make something else that matches.

Cross stitch hasn't really been touched in a while and I need to get on that because I want to finish it this year, rather than next.

so, that's a rather long and rambling update, but I figure people are still reading this, so I should give them something to read.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific end of the year. <3
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Normally, by this time, I'm pushing 10k, and wondering what the fuss is about. Not this year. This year I'm struggling a bit and haven't made Day #3 word count. Not yet, anyway. I'm 402 words away.

The story is a bit different. Now, I said I was doing Moon stuff, but, this is turning out to be the actual Moon story that I had planned to do. If a bit different.

See, not only is it 3rd person limited, but it's also 1st person omniscient. No, I'm not sure how that happened. I just know that the Queen is UnAmused with the way things are going.

E-cat, do I have a current email addy for you? Since, I'm sending it to you as soon as the current scene is done.

... Because you know the Queen as well as I do and I like inflicting her on you.
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So, maybe you've realized that NaNoWriMo is right around the corner? Yeah, I have.

So, the current plan - which is writing itself in my brain as I type - is to write Moon-fic stuff.

I know it doesn't sound like a hard enterprise but I've had a rough year, not writingly, but a tough personal year and the end of the year... isn't going to be any better. Because that's just the way it is.

However, I'm hoping that with NaNo, I can once again pick up my writing speed and start writing again. I hope, anyway. Lately, I've finished a fanfiction and an original piece sorta steampunky but also sorta fantastical/magical realism? I'm not sure what to classify it as.

Anyway, eventually, I will actually get back to my real blogging and explaining the whole writing process thing.

However, one question! Does anyone know of any decent query letter sites? Something to explain how to write/what to write? I'm trying not to flail too hard about KoO.
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Well, not done, but I beat the 50k mark. Time to finish the story and then get on to other things. Like turkey. Because next week is Turkey Day. Seriously? Where the hell did the year go? I feel like I haven't accomplished a damned thing, and yet, I look at my writing and know that I have.

NaNo sits at 50235, but I need another 10k or so to wrap up the story. I can easily finish that in the next week or so.

So, that's what I'm going to go work on.

Was up way too late last night and now am paying for it, but can't sleep anyway, so might as well write, right?

That's what I'm going to do.

Then, I'll see if I can find any beta readers for it, and ignore it until... February. Then, I'll edit it myself, incorporating other people's stuff, then I ignore it until April. After that, we'll see what happens.

Because, that's the way it works in my brain.

So, anyway... That's all the writing stuff I have to talk about.

How goes the NaNo-ing oh f-list of awesome?
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46,202 / 50,000

Yeah. 92%. On the 17th. How the HELL did that happen?

Maybe all that planning really was a good thing?


Anyway, I've only got 3798 left to do. That's tomorrow. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be finishing this up at around 60-65k or so. Because I've got a little bit of story left, definitely more than the 3798 I have left to write.

There's the big fight, and the taking down of the evil guy. AND the reveal of just who my MC is going to end up with. IF anyone. I may leave it ambiguous and cackle about the shipping wars and wank it would cause if it ever made it out of my control.

... Wow, that thought amuses me way more than it should.

Anyway. Tomorrow, I shall be crossing that 50k line. Though, I am going to write more tonight. More to start a new scene, than because I feel I need to. I just do a LOT better, if I stop in the middle of a scene for the night, than at the end of one.
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35,100 / 50,000

Yep. Should be able to finish the 50k this week.

Then, finish the story next week. Finish at 50k? AHAHAHAHA No.

For now, though I'm gonna get the kids up and moving so they can go to school.
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So, I did write some today:

33,097 / 50,000

That's almost 3.5k for today. That's not bad at all.

It looks like the one I pegged for a love interest is going to be the Great Betrayer, though.


Seems so formulaic. But it's him, or the Prince and the Prince is supposed to be one of the Good Guys. So, I may have to rethink how things are going. Because I'm not sure how they're going just yet.

Totally gonna finish this next week too. At least the word count. Not so sure about the story.
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Went to a write-in last night.

... Yeah, probably not doing that again. I need to WRITE, and that wasn't what happened. The socializing was okay, but that's not why I went. If I want to socialize, I can do it for myself.

NaNo is sitting here:

29,849 / 50,000

I want to make 31k. I'm trying to finish the 50k next week, so that I can use the rest of the month to finish the story, because, yeah, it won't be done at 50k.

Anyway, I hope other NaNo people are doing okay, and that they have better productivity than me right now. Because I don't have any at all.

For now, though... back to pounding away at it.
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So, I thought I'd give everyone a head's up on where my NaNo sits.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I was terrified that I'd end up hating this idea, because I did all that planning in October and earlier. However, I'm happy to report that I still love the idea, the story is going more or less in the direction I'd hoped, and the characters are mostly cooperating.

Secondly, I think I just broke my MC. Ooops. You kill one minor character and they just get all huffy about it. Or, ya know, emotionally distraught.

Now, for the count:

24,208 / 50,000

That's right! Almost 50%! I'm aiming to have it at 50% before the end of the day - which should be beyond easy. I wrote almost 4500 yesterday, so another 800-ish should be easy. For now, I think I'm going to treat myself to some Manga reading...
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12,190 / 50,000

I've made 12k. I'm actually kinda worried that I don't have enough story to make 50k, but then, I'm not real worried about it. Because I've barely gotten through the character intros and am about to switch gears into a fight scene (which explains why my brain is draaaaaaaagging things out).

I'm off to get dressed and take my two awesome kids out to have a good time with Mommy for a change!

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Three scenes done on this year's NaNo.

Now, to work on it more. I'm taking the kids out tomorrow and don't want to worry about making word count. I also might be going to the write-in tonight, if other people are going.

And if the roomie will watch the short people.

For now, though... back to NaNo.

Only 2857 until I feel comfortable for the weekend.
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7,293 / 50,000

Yep. That's as far as I am. The first day's frenzy has slowed way down.

I'm trying to get ahead again. I've beaten today's count, but am working on tomorrow's and really need Saturday's as well, since I'm going out with the kids for a while.

So, yeah, going back to my NaNo-ing and waiting on the exterminator. So, I can be kicked out for FOUR HOURS... And guess who is coming home at 4? That's right, the kids.
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I wrote about 950 words at 1am. Then, I went to bed.

Right now, my count is:

2,911 / 50,000

So, I'm not doing too badly. I'm hoping to get Day 2 count done, and then go play NWN2 as a treat. Wish me luck.
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Why? Because I need one, and I wrote out an awesome one for next year.

So, this is just to get me to November:

- Do fifth bingo card
- Do Inner Sanctuaries map
- not doing the map so whatever
- Look at Knights of Orion 2: Electric Boogaloo*
- Moon!Fic Characters**
- Write Index card of Plot Points for DB.
- Look at Ory'lin Legend short
- World Domination via Dragon Age Origins, or Neverwinter Nights 2. I need violence to get me through the next 17 days or so.

I'm gonna start on this tomorrow. Hopefully all my emo is gone by then. (Ugh, why must I be a tortured artist? Huh? Why?)

* I would totally call it this if I thought for a minute any publisher would let me get away with it. Just because it would amuse me, and really, does anything else matter?

** The Moon folks are sitting up and going OHAI at me a lot. It helps that they're getting face time with all the bingo stuff. And possibly will be getting more. Because that's the way I roll.

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Stolen shamelessly from [personal profile] jackalibis

Since I still feel like hell, I'm going to do a quick NaNo meme to make myself feel better. It probably won't work, but I'm okay with that.

Meme! )

And there is more than you ever will need to know about Cat's NaNoing.

Seriously, is it November yet?
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I wants them ALL precious... ALL OF THEM:

What do I want?

The Black Hoodie $40
The Love Books V-Neck $20
Camp NaNo T-Shirt $20
The NaNoLand Chronicles $9.95
City of Novelists Poster $25
NaNo Critters Poster $25


Let's look at the price, though...

That's: $139.95... Yeah, I doubt I'll get them all, but maybe something in the middle of NaNo, depending on how it goes. If I win, I'm getting that damned hoodie, though.
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As most people are going to be aware, November is National Novel Writing Month. I'm going to be using this journal as a word count journal (again). I don't put up snippets here, because I have my personal IJ for that. Plus, putting up snippets there means that I can control who sees them.

I have one word count that I prefer and that's here. It gives the neat ones I used for the last few word counts on KoO.

Also, just a curiosity-based question, for those reading this:

Beyond music and your word processor what is your one MUST HAVE tool for NaNo. Online or off. (I'm not talking dictionary/thesaurus/food/drink.) What programs must you have to help out? What stuff do you always have when you write?

Now, I always light incense, but I'm talking more... basics of writing. Notecards, maps, new programs... what?

I'm trying to organize my stuff for NaNo in November. I've drawn one map already, and will be putting that up in my room (Once I reorganize it) and will be drawing several more (smaller ones with more detail) and putting them up on my wall.

I'm really looking at software today (see, this is what happens when I get finished with a draft) and am hoping to get some opinions.

Anyone got any opinions?

Just for the record: I use MS Word for all my needs these days. I have used OpenOffice in the past. I've heard of the Snowflake Method, and ywriter, though I've never used either one of them.

Tell me what you think!


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