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Originally posted on my Tumblr. But, here we go:

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Oct. 25th, 2010 06:49 pm
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So, today I did the first two character descripts for my Moon revamp. They're over on my IJ, where I have some pretty strict filters.

Over here is just general things.

So, I'm actually managing to get things together and ready for NaNo. There's a few personal things to be taken care of before NaNo - namely, scouring the house from top to bottom so that it's easier to take care of during NaNo - but for the most part, I'm about ready.

Doing the character descripts has helped me with getting things settled in my own mind. It's drawing the attention away from DB, so that it can sit and simmer until next week.

That's right, people, a week from today is the beginning of NaNo. (I'll have children home. Pray for me.)

I think I'm going to work on NWN2 tonight and just have a night off - not that I've been working that hard. But, my brain needs time to revamp and get ready to work during NaNo.

Or maybe I'll work on more characters....
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I'm supposed to be writing bingo prompts, but the last week or so, I just have not had any brain power.

This time of year is what I like to call "Pre-NaNo apathy". Meaning, I cannot be arsed to do anything when it comes to writing.

However, that's going to change on Monday. Because as of Monday there will be seven days until NaNo. But, I won't be working on my NaNo. Nope. I'm going to be working on sketching out the dream sequences that need to be put into KoO.

Then, once that done, I'll work a little at looking at my NaNo. I have other things to look at as well. I have not looked at any of them. Instead, I've been working my way through Neverwinter Nights 2.

Because that's important.


There's also been personal stuff going on, but this is a writing blog.

Back to writing stuff!

I'm going to start on character descripts probably today or tomorrow. That'll be for the Moon-stuff, rather than for DB though.

Keep in mind, I've adopted a policy of not putting up snippets here. So, mostly you'll just get progress reports on how it's going.

(It doesn't help that the kids don't have school on the first or second. First two days of NaNo and we have kids home. ARGH.)

Next year's writing schedule might be revamped, depending on how today goes. (Again, personal things)

So. Is everyone just about ready?
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Title: Family Tree
Prompt: Family
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: None

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