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Don't care. I'm putting things here anyway.

So, 2014 is coming. COOOOMIIIIING.

So, I have a few things that I want to learn how to do. Yep. New knowledge. Cannot hurt.


- Make French bread for French bread pizzas. FRENCH BREAD.
- Make lamps I wanna learn to make lamps out of found things, and make something that can maybe be sold? Just... something neat.
- Crochet I know how to knit. I will be doing more of this as the year goes on, but I want to actually crochet something.
- Sew clothing Okay, I have poked at this at times, but I want to learn how to make one article of clothing well, and again, maybe sell it? IDK.
- Grow a couple of plants Tomato, basil, aaaand.... maybe strawberries? Yes, strawberries. Daughter wants a white Rose. Okay.
- Finish a story, edit and sell Yeah, yeah, I fail. Like, a lot.
- Color work/knitting in the round I do not know how to do these things. I want to learn.
- Fix the screen on my laptop Just because I need it.

This will get added/subtracted from as the year goes on and I actually finish something.

*I am on kinda a lot of ativan (bad day) and a pain med, because BAD DAY but this makes me happy


Sep. 12th, 2012 09:07 pm
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I promise, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. If you read my IJ you know that there has been STRESS in my life the last couple of weeks. Between kids and government agencies and... yeah. STRESS OMG.

Anyway, I have been writing, though probably not on what I should have been. However, I'm coming to the realization that writing is writing and that I need to keep in that mindset, because otherwise, I'm sabotaging myself.

Beyond having a broken brain (and by broken I mean broken okay?) I've had a lot of outside stress that seems to have eased off for the time being.


It's been so bad that looking at writing/crafting of any sort has been panic attack inducing.

Which is something me and the doc are going to have to talk about tomorrow.


That's the State of Cat right now. It's not good, but it's not as horrific as it was at 8am this morning either.

(At 8am, I was contemplating spending the day in nonreality with drugs again, but I didn't. Go me.)

Soooo yeah. Hi DW.
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No, I'm not talking about a rundown bar in Mos Eisley where Han Solo shot first, I'm talking about the internet.

Since I have your geek attention, I hope you'll continue along to the end.

Anyway, the internet is a huge time sink. Don't believe me. Ohohoho. Ye of little faith. Allow me to show you: Zooborns. So, when you're done squeeing about the adorable baby animals of all kinds (and seriously, watch the stick insect hatch. It's all sorts of grossly fascinating.) come back here. No, go ahead, I'll wait.


*hums Jeopardy music*

Back? Okay, good. See, the internet is a huge time sink and a horrible distraction to just about everyone who uses it. I know, I know. If I had self-control, then I'd get far more things done. Really?

Baby Sloth in a onesie

... *paints nails*

Back again? See? Distracting isn't it? However, unplugging also isn't an answer in my case. Why? Well, because my children's teachers all know to contact me by email, if they need me fast. Why? Because I'm more likely to answer email than the phone. (That's a personal quirk: I hate the phone. Hate it.)

Also distracting? Housework, children... a furry overlord who needs all my attention - and my lap - right now and why aren't I either feeding, loving or catering to him right now? Perhaps all three! Yes, he will be satisfied with all three.

Mostly, though, the internet is my big distraction. This is why I don't get a lot of writing done. No, really, I blame the internet and all its entertainment.

However, there are a few things that are nice. Being able to Google how to write a query letter or looking up Preditors and Editors or any number of a hundred thousand other things that a writer needs is very time saving and more than a little anxiety easing.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like I need that Wookie companion to give me a good shove in the right direction. But Greedo still didn't shoot first, I don't care how many times Lucas edits the film. Han Solo was a jerk - a redeemable jerk but still a jerk - who shot to save his own skin. It's part of what made his coming back at the end such a big deal.

So. There.
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This post, actually, started out in my head as a 'Why I do NaNoWriMo' post. However, I was talking with a friend over IMs, and realized I don't, really, need to get into why I do NaNoWriMo. Mostly, because it boiled down to just a few words:

Because I want to.

Perhaps not the most adult answer, but the most honest one.

However, I thought that I'd answer a question that my friend asked me:

"Why do challenges all year long? Isn't NaNo enough?"

Well, I'm going to answer the latter question first: No, NaNo isn't enough. See; although the franticness of November includes NaNo and Thanksgiving, it isn't enough to keep me going all year long.

So, this past year, I experimented with giving myself guidelines and a schedule to keep. Some of that schedule got skewed along the way (this past summer I didn't have nearly as much writing time as I thought) but all in all, I worked a lot better with the schedule, than I did without.

It's also why my personal journal ends up being more of a 'what needs to be done today' list than an actual journal. Although today I tl;dr-ed all over the place.

Yes, I make lists. If I don't, nothing gets done. No, seriously, nothing gets done. I look down and it's 10am. I look up and it's 3.30 and all I've managed to get done is lose horribly at spider solitaire a lot.

Frankly, that's not a skill that I should flaunt.

The lists keep me on track. But, here's the thing: Even lists aren't enough to keep me motivated. So, I look around for things to keep my brain moving and keep me from getting bored with what I have to do to improve my writing.

That is where my competitive streak comes in. See, I cannot let other people 'beat' me. I cannot roll over and let them 'win' at anything, even if it's something so silly as creating something that I neither have the skill nor the patience to create.

I join challenges to keep me going. I join challenges so that I can point to something and say "I beat that!" I'm sure this points to something psychological or something, but I just use it as a motivational tool.

There are some other pretty hefty reasons, but those are personal and this is a writing blog. Back to the writing:

Challenges keep me from stagnating and playing so much spider solitaire that I explode my computer out of sheer frustration. That means that at the end of the week/month/day/whatever, I have something to point to and say... "I did that."

Now, to give updates on my various challenges: Challenges )

So, this entry has become very long and pretty much a big ego stroke for me. However, I believe creators - be it in writing, cooking, fabric crafts or anything else - have the need to stroke their own egos every once in a while.

I know several writers who do it. They do it unashamedly. I'm trying to follow their good examples. Now, if I could just get something published? Then, you'd really see some ego stroking!


Jan. 5th, 2011 07:43 am
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I feel utterly bereft without my IJ. I can't post my daily list of things to do, or mark off yesterday's or even look at which characters are left to do on my latest venture.

This fills me with more woe than you could imagine. I get confused you see. Now I know why I'm constantly overloading my browser with tabs.

Anyway, to bring this back to the writing blog it is:

I missed yesterday's 750words. Only because of IJ. It wouldn't work all day and confused me.

But, my other challenges are going well. I even knitted a little. It's not very good, but it's something.

I'm hoping to remember to blog here about my challenges. Anytime you want to know something, please feel free to ask. As soon as I complete a non-writing project, I'll put up pictures of it. That will make this a creative blog, rather than just a writing blog.

Now, to return to my normal life, and get real life things done today. Including a dentist appointment.
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So, I've got plots bouncing around in my brain. Considering NaNo was "fandom with the serial numbers filed off" I'm not real worried about that aspect of it.

However, I know that the plots are really contrived and cliché. Meaning that I'd have to work with them through some reworkings to get them to something that might be of interest for people to read.

Considering that I've spent the last two days writing Bleach/X-Men fic, I really have no room to talk.

Well, let's talk about contrived plots:

- Long lost noble - FOUND! Seriously, this has been done so many times that it's really a trope. It's how noblemen/heroes in fandom get surprise!kids, and how unsavory nobles are deposed, by the triumphant return of their neglected offspring. (Chris Paolini anyone?)
- Ostracized noble family regains honor Do I have to explain this one? It'll be something about the last heir going undercover/on an epic journey and reclaiming that which was taken from them by an evil rival or something.
- Baby adopted in, but ousted by natural born child Again, do I have to explain? This is such a joke that I'm not sure I could even finish a story with this even as a subplot.

I had a few others, but mostly it's the first one that's caught my attention recently. I'm thinking of maybe doing that one for next year's NaNo. Since I'm pretty sure my schedule won't allow for it. Next year's pretty well mapped out. I really do wanna work on the Moon stuff. That'll get that out of the way.

I need to work out my plot for it, like I did for NaNo. It'll help me keep the story moving along. At the end, it'll be ugly as hell, but... hey, stories almost always are the first time through.

I can maybe work in another thing for April, since that's mostly looking at my NaNo ago - even though I'm doing that in March for NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) - so that month might have something that I can nudge in, if I can get a decent outline/characters.

Who knows, maybe I'll work on the Jenith/Bear stuff, or the Kenny/Max stuff. Both of those kinda fascinate me, so we'll have to see.

I know the Jenith stuff could be turned into the first trope, especially.


I really need to do an outline/something of the Moon!Fic. Even though that's scheduled for next month, I'm thinking I need to get to it. I have characters to outline, and a plot to think of. That's probably going to wait until after the kids are back in school, though. Kids around = writing time cut short, unfortunately.

For now, I'm going to go see if I can find my book.
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So, since I finished the rewrite o' d00m, yet again, I've been at a loss.

However, lately, I've been doing some world building and scene notes and outlining for NaNo. I was turned on to a beautiful program called Storybook.

It's been really handy for helping me flesh out characters and thinking of just how many scenes I'm going to need for this particular story.

Which is great and all, but I want to write the damned thing. Why isn't it November yet?

So, I've been distracting myself lately. Mainly with the fleshing out. I know how old people are, and their relationships, I even have a huge subplot idea for the romance between two characters.

It may end up being two characters that I hadn't even thought of.

Anyway, this is what I've been doing. Except, today, I'm going to try to put it down and do something completely different. Why? Because if I keep going too much, I'm going to burn out.

I do have some maps to make yet, but the maps I have made made me realize that the other two maps are actually complex and have multi layers that are not so easy to take care of. (As in they need actual layouts and graphing and... yeah. I might print out graph paper and see what shakes loose that way.)

Anyway, this is my prep for NaNo at the end of September. November really needs to hurry up and get here.

(See, if any of my other projects would sit up and go "HI" at me, I'd work on one of them. But do they? Nope.)

Also, it's really freaking cold in here!
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Originally, I was going to start my next draft of KoO on the 1st. I'm glad I changed that to the first day of school instead. The last two days have been utter washouts when it comes to writing.

As in, I've done NONE. The days have been physically and mentally exhausting too. So, instead of working on KoO, I'm sitting here, trying to stay awake until bathtime at least and then see what's going on.

However, tomorrow, once the children are gone, I'm going to jump right back into it. I hope that, somehow, I'll make up the time and get some real work done.

... Maybe.
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Eventually, I'm going to have something intelligent to put here.

Eventually, there will be more posts here about writing and what I am/am not doing.

Eventually, I will get off my butt and get things done about this blog.

Eventually, I might show everyone a brain process.

Eventually, it will be NaNo and the counters will begin again.

Eventually, I'm going to rewrite KoO (September) and then all my frustration will vomit onto the screen again.

Eventually... I'll actually be the writer I keep claiming to be.
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Okay... so...

May: Finish the edit on KoO
June: Write something (Possibly Mira, or Ari)
August: Rewrite KoO
September: Research/writing
October: Outline Dragon Voices
November: THE DREADED NANO - Dragon Voices
December: Send out second set of "PLEASE EDIT THIS" of KoO.

... That actually looks doable. Pondering this as I go along.

I'm hoping that nothing too much comes along to screw this up. Like, ya know, LIFE. But I'm going to attempt it.
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And I apologise to most who have been following this account.

Real Life has reached up and taken me by the throat.

I'm current editing and attempting to outline a new manuscript. It's not going very well.

Mental health has nosedived and that always sets me back.

I'm hoping that with the advent of spring, and March, my life will settle down. I hope to start writing by June, and be finished editing by the end of the month. That, of course, depends on real life to stop kicking me in the teeth.

Hopefully soon, there will be more about writing on this account.


Aug. 30th, 2009 07:23 pm
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I've been thinking lately, about returning to my old routines. I need to write, in ways I cannot explain.

But, I need a routine to do it in.

That may sound strange, but there you have it. I need a set time every day, set aside for nothing but writing.

These last few weeks have had me caught up in so much other stuff that I couldn't write.

There was too much external stuff going on.

There still is a lot of external things going on. Kids are back in school though, and that should give me time to actually work on my writing.

Frankly, I hate to be mean, but my new room mate is going to have to respect the headphones, as well as all the kids. My kids are trained to respect the headphones and know what they mean. They mean Mom Is Working.

I know my new room mate will though. She understands how important the writing is to me. And I won't totally cut myself off. We have the lounge to clean tomorrow, and then we'll see what happens. I plan on putting on my headphones on my head, with my MP3 player and seeing if that helps.

I haven't decided just who I'm going to be writing yet. But it's definitely between Ari and Mira/Hyst. I might look through tonight to see what jumps out at me.

I want to finish up a couple old ideas, before I start worrying about new ones.

See, I have some world building to do. A lot of world building. I'm going to be putting some of it up here, but a lot will be going up on my IJ, under the writing tag/group.

I'll be putting up links here, to whatever it is I use that's an online resource.

I do however want to give a good resource. See, writing doesn't mean that you have lots of money. I've been using AbeBooks to search online used book stores! C'mon used books! That's awesome.

Tomorrow, I'm returning to routine and starting to write again.

Just need to figure out who.

It's funny

Jul. 12th, 2009 12:15 pm
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Lately, I know I've been lax about writing here, and writing in general, but I've been extremely busy.

I noticed something funny, however:

I've lived in this area for twenty years. There are places I went once and said "Oh, I'll go back" and... just never did. They weren't important, ya know?

These last couple of weeks, I've been desperately seeking out these places, and trying to get pictures of all of them, so that I can remember them when I've gone. I've been crisscrossing my county, attempting to see it all, and experience it all, so that I don't miss anything.

All of a sudden, I don't want to let it go, and don't want to lose it when I'm gone.

My brain brought up the fact that it's the same with my writing. I don't want to let it go. I don't want it to be behind me, even in the metaphorical sense. This is the reason that I keep procrastinating at getting it done.

Hello light bulb!

I need to get it done, but I'm afraid of finishing it, because that means moving on to something that I'm not sure I'm ready for.

Just like the move, it's terrifying me to actually get it done and move on. This move has so frightened me that I'm not sure it's the right thing to do. Eleventh hour doubts are not unusual, just annoying.

I'm taking a step back and reorganising. I need to. With packing and moving, and everything... It's been a rush, but I need to finish things. I need to finish packing, and finish KoO. Neither is going to be easy, but it still needs done.


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