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Sep. 22nd, 2010 10:17 am
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Weighing in at 93, 435 words... The fourth draft of Knights of Orion is DONE.

Now, to find editors....
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91,848 / 100,000

2 scenes left....
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80,094 / 100,000

8 scenes left.

82,570 / 100,000

7 scenes left

85,880 / 100,000

6 scenes left.

86,749 / 100,000


87,594 / 100,000


89,471 / 100,000

3 scenes left! \o/
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77,543 / 100,000

9 scenes left... *goes to take a nap*
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So, I've been lax about putting them up here. But, I started the day at 67,924.

Right now, I'm at 70,013. That's only 2k, but the day is young.

70,013 / 100,000

Last time I wrote here I was at... 56,664. That's a difference of 13k, in 2 days. I'm OKAY WITH THIS. Now, time to bust it out for today. Counts will be updated as scenes are finished.

13 scenes left.

Edit 11.49:
71,915 / 100,000

12 scenes left.

Edit 1.50pm:
74,312 / 100,000

11 scenes left.
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56,664 / 100,000

Today, this is all you get along with a bit of math:

56664 - 51680 = 4984

Yes, I'm that damned good.


Sep. 16th, 2010 02:35 pm
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Okay, so... One draft of KoO is 96, 975 and another is 108, 043. I'm guessing this draft will end up at about 100k. So, instead of page counts, you get an actual word count:

49,389 / 100,000

Now, that's not too bad. I'm hoping to be at 50% before the weekend is over. Because, seriously, I want this draft done and we're already at more than 50% of the month done. I don't want this to carry over into October, because I'll start dragging my feet and never get things done.

For right now, I'm going back to the next scene. Hopefully, I'll get it done before the kids get here.

51,680 / 100,000

\o/ Oh. Yeeeeeeeeeah


Sep. 13th, 2010 12:30 pm
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I was stalled, the entire weekend over a small scene that needed inserted. What did I do? I finally wrote it out and it's now done. I have about 45 minutes until I leave for the doctor, but at least the scene is DONE.

Now, I can get back to my regularly scheduled editing.

This makes me happy.

This means I just might have this thing done before the end of the month - which is the plan. Then, I'll have next month to work on other things.

The irritating thing is that I don't really have time to start a new scene before I have to go start getting ready to leave. This makes the rest of the day pretty much a washout when it comes to writing.

This means that I'll have to really start working tomorrow.

That's alright. I'm pretty sure I've got this. Maybe. This scene may not be right but that's what editing is for.

Also, a great thing about being a writer is I can justify spending 30 minutes Googling things about hallucinogenic gases.
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After a couple days off, I'm now in the working groove:

I'm going to start another scene and try to get it done before the kids come home from school.
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Yep. Today, I worked. I'll probably work more tomorrow - despite it being a holiday - because I want to get this draft done and then move on to other things.

I even managed to finish one book and start another in the last 24 hours. Not bad huh?
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Had to parent this morning, but managed to get some decent work in today too.

I'm at about 1/3. That's not bad at all. I'd like to be at 50% before the week is over, but we'll see how that goes. Now, I'm going to go read about wizards.

Edit: Make that three scenes.

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I need a nap so damned bad...

So, quick count:

That's over 1/5 done and it's only the 3rd. I'm okay with that. I'll come back after I sleep a little.

Edit: Okay, nap and a couple errands run, but then came back to more writing.

Yeah, I'm that damned good.

Edit 2- Electric Boogaloo: Have done another scene and am retreating into legends for the rest of the night. But still. I'm awesome:

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Originally, I was going to start my next draft of KoO on the 1st. I'm glad I changed that to the first day of school instead. The last two days have been utter washouts when it comes to writing.

As in, I've done NONE. The days have been physically and mentally exhausting too. So, instead of working on KoO, I'm sitting here, trying to stay awake until bathtime at least and then see what's going on.

However, tomorrow, once the children are gone, I'm going to jump right back into it. I hope that, somehow, I'll make up the time and get some real work done.

... Maybe.


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:45 am
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So, I did do about two scenes yesterday, and finished up a scene I was working on just a few moments ago.

But I have NOT slept in over 24 hours and if I don't go to bed soon, I'm going to go on a psychotic rampage and start killing people.

So, just a quick count update:

There was nothing on Sunday, but I'm okay with that. I'm actually in good shape, since I wasn't going to start until September 1.

Now, sleep.
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Ha! Two more scenes done on this draft.


I know, it doesn't seem like much, but really, everything done is less that I have to do later.

So far, this rewrite is going a lot better than others. I think it's because I have all my notes in the text and everything else right there while I write. I need to remember this for in the future.

I'm going to go for three scenes a day during the week, and one or two scenes a day on the weekend, depending on how they fall. Which, really, is cool for me. That should get the entire thing done by October first, when I can concentrate on this year's NaNo.

Stupidly, I once thought that I would do two NaNo's. A solo one and a co-written one. Yeah, my brain finally admitted it just wants to do the one that will be co-written. Much better for me, because really that would just be too insane.

So, this is what's going on the state of writing. I do have other stories I should be writing that just aren't working for me. They may end up being abandoned. I love the characters/ideas but they've sat for so long that I just can't do it any more. (Yeah, J, this might include Ari.)

However, for tonight, I'm going to bask in the glow of accomplishment and revel in getting this stuff done.
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So, I've done two scenes on KoO today so far. They were two scenes I had to reverse the order of, so the story flowed better. I think it actually worked, because it builds tension into the story at that point - which is just introducing characters mostly. However, it does that, plus introduces relationships, AND adds tension.

... Sometimes, I feel like an awesome writer.

Okay, since the roomie isn't here for RP, I'm going to do laundry, and begin again.

Count for now:

- Keep in mind, it won't let me change 'words' to 'pages' so this is actually a page count.

Edit: Did manage one more scene:

The Return

Aug. 27th, 2010 09:03 am
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I have begun the next draft of KoO. I have something to go back and remove that just didn't work. I thought it would, but on further reflection, it just doesn't. Meaning that it has to go.

So, this blog is about to become all about drafting this damned thing.

Then, hopefully, come November, it'll become all about the NaNo. For now, I'm going to go start on KoO again:


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