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That's what I'm doing. I'm going to open up commissions.

Now, there are going to be a few caveats:

1) I will only do a commission for something I've already made and put up here. Please look through my knitting tag for finished products.

2) I have no idea on time tables, so I will attempt to give you an ETA but nothing will take more than 3-4 weeks, unless I communicate with you.

3) Prices are negotiable. Things like the arm warmers are going to be cheaper than the shawl, for obvious reasons.

4) I will continue to learn new stitches/patterns, and that will open up something more for commissions.

5) All payments are through PayPal for protection for both of us!

6) I can be emailed at Please put Knitting/Commissions in the subject line, so I don't just delete it.

Thank you, everyone.

New item!

Apr. 14th, 2014 07:21 pm
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So, I'm going to be making/selling these:

pictures! )

Single color bears will be $5, dual color will be $8. International buyers will have to pay the following: $10/single; $13/dual due to shipping.

Each bear takes a couple days to make.
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This one was rather small, but still interesting to make. I enjoyed working with this yarn (Blacklight by Red Heart) just for the colors! [personal profile] jehanne1431 might recognize the yarn!

Anyway, the shawl was made using this pattern and a severe blocking at the end. It took less than one skein of the yarn.

pics under here )

I'm proud of how it came out!
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So, last night, I gave my first commission their hat. He loved it. And is allowing me to post a picture: Picture )

Thankfully, he really likes it! I have made that hat twice now. Once, with acrylic yarn:

Pictures )

And then, above with wool.

Two very different hats from the same pattern.

Commissions are open. These hats are knitted on size 13 needles, with bulky yarn.


Jan. 25th, 2014 03:05 pm
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I usually only post here with success stories, but today, I realized that doing that, I cheated myself out of looking at how much I've learned over the year. So, this is about a failure.

For whatever reason, this shawl and I did not work well together. I just could not get it to work. Not even with the lifeline helping me, was I able to make this shawl work.

So, for now, that one's on the shelf. Now, it doesn't mean I'll never do it. Or that I "failed" at anything, really, it just means that my mind was not able to parse something about it, and if I stop trying to force myself to get it done, maybe it will get done at another time.

I move don to a different pattern that seems to be coming along a lot better than Black Death was. Let's hope it continues to do so.

Also, for anyone on Ravelry: Here is a large list of shawls. (Most are free, a few probably were at one time and no longer are.) I downloaded like... all of them. Whoops.
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So, I'm working on a new shawl pattern, and it's challenging and interesting to work on.

Mostly, this post is to put out that I'm opening up commissions, because why the hell not?

So, yeah. If you want me to make you something that I've made... feel free to email and ask. :D
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Two knitting projects done today. The second was started today! It just knits up that fast, and I have nothing better to do.

So, I made this hood for my daughter first. Then, my brother, while we were out the other day, found a yarn he liked and wanted to same hood.

He bought me knitting supplies, I made the hat! It's an awesome trade. I'm sad there's not enough for arm warmers in the same colors.

Pics! )

Yes, I'm that awesome.

The shawl!

Jan. 15th, 2014 01:31 pm
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My first time ever knitting a shawl and it's done and came out not too badly! I'm so proud, actually.

Abyssal was recommended to me by a friend, as a good shawl to start with. After I ripped it out (twice) I finally got the hang of the new stitches and the way it worked.

Pictures under the cut!

Pictures! )

Honestly, it was a good shawl to start with and get me familiar with using a few new stitches and things like stitch markers, and I really like the way it turned out!
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Son wanted a hat, like mine and his sister's, but of course, he couldn't have it exactly like ours.

So, using this pattern, I made him a hat. Pictures under the cut:

Pictures of the hat, and son )
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So, I've recently taken up knitting again. As this post showed, I did a lot of it at the end of the year.

Right now, I am working on another hat. But, I've been changing the pattern a little, because, well, I wanted to.

This post is going to be about that project. So, I'm making this hat that I've made twice before.

Except, I've changed the pattern. I was doing the striped one that's the second one down. Son wanted a green hat, but I don't have enough yarn to make a fully green hat, so I had to change colors. I'm going to be adding a couple other colors too, just because. It's good practice for me to learn a new method, and it gives my son an awesome hat!

Under the cut is my pattern that I'm using, and the video that taught me to change colors.

Pattern and video )

So, yes. Here we go.
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This is the knitting projects I have done this year:

Picture heavy )


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