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So, this year, I plan on trying to do something new, cooking-wise, once a week. Because, why the hell not? It won't be that hard.

Well, today, we decided to do a new pizza crust. Now, we love this pizza crust. But, we decided that, tonight, it's just a little too thick. (Okay, Daughter decided, but whatever it works.)

So, we whipped out and went looking. We found this one. It's now in the oven, with cheese and pepperoni on it. I'll be making a second one, but we're topping it a little differently. On one half will be barbecue chicken. (I've put boneless chicken breast in the crockpot all day with barbecue sauce.) The other half will be BBQ chicken and pineapple. Because I need more fruit in my life and I like pineapple on my pizzas.

I'm hoping it turns out good!

It was awesome:

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So, to update folks who aren't on my IJ:

- The Geisha is completely done. On Monday, I'm taking it downtown and seeing about getting it framed for my eldest's eighteenth birthday.

- I started the Wizard cross stitch. Because I have no self-control.

- I bought more cross stitch. (See previous point about zero self-control.)

- I'm still writing. Mostly, right now, I'm working on my fanfiction It's Bleach/Supernatural/Marvel crossover fic. Everything is AU, and everything is under that tag. I'm slowly revealing the AU-ness and the bits of people. Some, you won't recognize from their franchise. Some, you will.

And that brings me to the 'sundry'.

See; I was recently shown something that... well, it was about my writing, and about me, in general.

The thing was? The person who said it, didn't come to me. Instead, they went elsewhere, and didn't dare come critique me.

I dislike that. However, I do understand that as I begin sending out more and more writing, and eventually something gets accepted, I will have to deal with reviews that are not sent to me/said to me/what have you.

This is good practice for that. I want to thank the person publicly for reminding me that, eventually, the reviews and the writing won't be in my hands.

I can't respond to them directly, or I would. I hope they see this and understand that it is directed at them.

And now, I'm going back into my internet hovel and writing again. Because unless I put the story down? It never gets told.
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So, I've been more focused on working on the geisha lately than I have writing because that has a definitive timeline on it.

However, I did finish Script Frenzy and have since finished the script itself, so that's something right?

Anyway, I have a great many things to talk about but they just aren't coming up. So, let me break this down:

Geisha: I've moved the hoop several times and am working on it still. I'm going to try to have it done by the beginning of June, because my daughter is coming the middle of June and it's for her birthday.

Writing: I am not going to be working on anything new, beyond fanfiction because summer is coming and the children will be out soon. If I can write anything, I'll be happy. But I'm not holding my breath.

Editing: I gave this up for Script Frenzy and need to get back to it. I'm hoping to have this done by the time my daughters come for a visit.

Now, I'm going to try to start doing writing memes or something here. We'll see what happens. Until then, I'm going to go back to my Geisha stitching.


Apr. 29th, 2012 07:23 pm
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That's right, two posts in one day about progress.

Geisha Progress! )

Check it out!

I just moved my hoop and I'm working on it more. So damned proud.
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This is an update on things that have been done.

So, I am doing Script Frenzy. Currently, it sits at 30/100. That's a couple days ahead at least. Which, is good for me because I like being ahead of the game.

And I probably won't get much done on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

Anyway, yeah. That's getting places.

Now, to add a photo to this. Remember the Geisha that I've been working on? Well, I think it's coming along quite a bit!

Have a picture: )

The current plan is to have it done and framed for my eldest's 18th.

So, I wanted to update everyone. I haven't been editing lately, but that's because SF has taken over my life. Once it's done, then, I will get back to it and get it finished.

So, happy zombie day everyone, and I hope you all have fun!
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So, I've decided to do it, starting tomorrow. I'm totally chill with the idea that I can use it to script out a pair of novels I'd like to work on. That'll be a good thing. Maybe, it'll lead to something good happening in the future.

So, if anyone knows where there might be tutorials for Celtx? I'm all ears. I'm going to be trolling youtube looking for them once I'm done with Saturday things.

So, yes. Now, currently the thought is this for Script Frenzy:

I have two stories that I'd like to poke at and get working on. (One Winged Angel and Dragon Voices)

Those two stories will be the ones that I will be scripting out, during Script Frenzy in a hope to make them easier to write in the future. (Planning! Yay!)

Also during the month of April, I'll be finishing up my edit of Dragon Blooded (sense a theme, folks).

So, let me look at the next few months:


- Script Frenzy (One Winged Angel/Dragon Voices)
- Finish Edit on Dragon Blooded
- Work on Geisha


- Work on Geisha
- Finish NaNo 2011
- Query Letter (KoO)
- Secret Societies


- Finish Geisha

That's as far ahead as I'm willing to go right now, since the middle of May signals the end of school. And I can't guarantee anything getting done during the summer months, save for being very hot.

Also, since this is my creativity blog:

I like working on the Geisha while watching TV shows/Movies/Anime. Please give me recommendations for movies/tv shows/anime that I might like. (Currently watching: Supernatural. Next on the list: Leverage.)

What I like:

- Police procedural
- Mystical/mythical elements
- Fights are a bonus
- Large overarching plots

What I don't like:

- Romance as a main plot line
- Rape culture
- Embarrassment as a major component (which is what made me stop watching Big Bang Theory)
- Sitcoms

So, if you've any suggestions, feel free! Because I'm kinda tired of the tried and true (CSIs, Law and Orders, etc) and would like to branch out a little bit. Keep in mind, it can have some parts from both lists and doesn't have to hit all of them. I'm willing to look at just about anything.
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So, I went through some heavy personal drama that pretty much took over my life the last month or so. I haven't been writing, or editing, or doing much of anything, save reading. I've read a couple of good books. (I heartily recommend the Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman. It's got a few religious overtones, but is a really good YA adventure series that I enjoyed.) And I've fallen flat on reading a few that just didn't resonate with me. Ah well, live and learn right?

I've gained a cat, and he's had things that needed handled and as always, there's the day to day things that have to be handled. Plus, the landlords are inspecting next week, so scouring has commenced.

But, let's get back to the writing/editing part of my life.

Or at least the creative part, which I haven't done much with either.

So, editing. Dragon Blooded, I've worked on it, and I'm at 46/121. That's not very good, but it's a start and I'm making a lot of changes. Since it was a NaNo novel, I'm not that surprised. I mean, the story was completed but it needs help so so much. And that's what I'm working on.

On the writing front, I'm still long handing it on Secret Societies. It's actually going along pretty well. It's very nice to not worry about editing it, and even my spelling has kind of taken a hit, but that's okay. It doesn't need to be spelled perfectly, it just needs to be gotten down.

NaNo is probably going to be One Winged Angel. I have to work on the plot, but it'll be okay.

For now, though, I'm going to go back to editing and watching Hoarders. Because at least it's something interesting while I edit.

... Side note: I've been writing a lot of porn. Who knows why? But hey, words are words.
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So, I've been trying something different with a story of mine. It's called, for now, "Secret Societies" because that's what it's about. I'm original, I know.

The big thing that's different with it, however, is that I'm writing it long hand. That's right. Completely long hand with no computer, no spell checker, no grammar checker, nothing. Just me, a pen and a notebook.

One of the big advantages of this is that I can write in a lot more places than normal. I don't have to worry about internet connection, power, or anything else. I can simply sit down and work on it wherever and whenever I want.

I spend a lot of time on buses/waiting on buses/rides. Writing in a notebook allows me to use that time to my advantage and get some writing done. It isn't fast, at least as not as fast as typing is, and it takes a bit longer to get into the groove. Also, I only hit in short bursts when I have the time.

Writing long hand has its advantages. One, it's very portable and its easier to haul around the countryside when I have places to go and time to sit around. Two, I'm never without my writing. I have it with me and I can work on it whenever.

Honestly, I've been working on it for a while and there's only about 6700 words there, but it's coming along.

Don't get me wrong. I love my word processors, and I love my technology, but there is something rather freeing about just having a pen and paper again.
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So, I haven't been very creative lately. Mostly, I've been working on getting my house together, cooking more and just getting things done. Since finishing my scarf, nothing else has really happened. I get like this, though: finish a project and just slump unable to pick up and carry on. I don't know why, but I've come to accept it.

What this means, of course, is that I'm way behind completing goals that I should be banging out. I haven't even worked on my Geisha cross stitch! I'm rotten and I know it.

However, working on the Orig Fic Bingo things, and being ordered, via Twitter, to write fanfic porn to cleanse someone's pallet, does help. Quite a bit actually.

But, I need to get working on other things. Hopefully, this next week, I'll get moving on them and something will get accomplished.


Feb. 5th, 2012 10:20 pm
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So, today, while watching the Super Bowl* I finished my first creative goal of the year. I finished the shawl I was knitting and even crocheted the border on it like the pattern said to.

There's nothing like completing a goal to urge your on to others is there? I'm very proud of the fact that I managed to finish the goal and I'm proud of the shawl. Hopefully, the person who receives it will be as impressed.


I just wanted to update this, because finishing a goal pushes us towards others, right?

*Can I just say? YAY GIANTS! I have a dislike for Tom Brady. I don't know why, but I do, so there.
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Since my IJ is full of woe and emo and what I haven't done lately, I'm going to write here what I have done.

Because I need the ego boost.

So, things I've done lately:

- Porn I've written quite a bit of fandom porn lately. A few thousand words at least. I'm not going to argue with it. It's writing and that's more than anything.

- Knitting I'm down to the last repetition of the pattern, and then I need to finish it off. So, it is getting done! Yay!

- Decorating I haven't done any, but I do have plans for it! That's more than I've had ever. This is good!

That's about it, but it is things that are getting done. Which is comforting. Need to start working on the editing so that that is getting done, but I'm reading a book that is giving me a better idea of how to edit. Which is nice; however it is slowing it down quite a bit.

Also, I've been taking the "Just make the bed" approach to pretty much everything in my life right now. Winter is a horrible time for me, mentally, which means that I've really got to work on getting things done which normally just come to me easily.

So, how is everyone doing for their goals? It's only midway through January, but! I'm checking in because, honestly, it helps me to know how others are doing.


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