Jan. 5th, 2011 07:43 am
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I feel utterly bereft without my IJ. I can't post my daily list of things to do, or mark off yesterday's or even look at which characters are left to do on my latest venture.

This fills me with more woe than you could imagine. I get confused you see. Now I know why I'm constantly overloading my browser with tabs.

Anyway, to bring this back to the writing blog it is:

I missed yesterday's 750words. Only because of IJ. It wouldn't work all day and confused me.

But, my other challenges are going well. I even knitted a little. It's not very good, but it's something.

I'm hoping to remember to blog here about my challenges. Anytime you want to know something, please feel free to ask. As soon as I complete a non-writing project, I'll put up pictures of it. That will make this a creative blog, rather than just a writing blog.

Now, to return to my normal life, and get real life things done today. Including a dentist appointment.
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So, I've got plots bouncing around in my brain. Considering NaNo was "fandom with the serial numbers filed off" I'm not real worried about that aspect of it.

However, I know that the plots are really contrived and cliché. Meaning that I'd have to work with them through some reworkings to get them to something that might be of interest for people to read.

Considering that I've spent the last two days writing Bleach/X-Men fic, I really have no room to talk.

Well, let's talk about contrived plots:

- Long lost noble - FOUND! Seriously, this has been done so many times that it's really a trope. It's how noblemen/heroes in fandom get surprise!kids, and how unsavory nobles are deposed, by the triumphant return of their neglected offspring. (Chris Paolini anyone?)
- Ostracized noble family regains honor Do I have to explain this one? It'll be something about the last heir going undercover/on an epic journey and reclaiming that which was taken from them by an evil rival or something.
- Baby adopted in, but ousted by natural born child Again, do I have to explain? This is such a joke that I'm not sure I could even finish a story with this even as a subplot.

I had a few others, but mostly it's the first one that's caught my attention recently. I'm thinking of maybe doing that one for next year's NaNo. Since I'm pretty sure my schedule won't allow for it. Next year's pretty well mapped out. I really do wanna work on the Moon stuff. That'll get that out of the way.

I need to work out my plot for it, like I did for NaNo. It'll help me keep the story moving along. At the end, it'll be ugly as hell, but... hey, stories almost always are the first time through.

I can maybe work in another thing for April, since that's mostly looking at my NaNo ago - even though I'm doing that in March for NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) - so that month might have something that I can nudge in, if I can get a decent outline/characters.

Who knows, maybe I'll work on the Jenith/Bear stuff, or the Kenny/Max stuff. Both of those kinda fascinate me, so we'll have to see.

I know the Jenith stuff could be turned into the first trope, especially.


I really need to do an outline/something of the Moon!Fic. Even though that's scheduled for next month, I'm thinking I need to get to it. I have characters to outline, and a plot to think of. That's probably going to wait until after the kids are back in school, though. Kids around = writing time cut short, unfortunately.

For now, I'm going to go see if I can find my book.
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So, since I finished the rewrite o' d00m, yet again, I've been at a loss.

However, lately, I've been doing some world building and scene notes and outlining for NaNo. I was turned on to a beautiful program called Storybook.

It's been really handy for helping me flesh out characters and thinking of just how many scenes I'm going to need for this particular story.

Which is great and all, but I want to write the damned thing. Why isn't it November yet?

So, I've been distracting myself lately. Mainly with the fleshing out. I know how old people are, and their relationships, I even have a huge subplot idea for the romance between two characters.

It may end up being two characters that I hadn't even thought of.

Anyway, this is what I've been doing. Except, today, I'm going to try to put it down and do something completely different. Why? Because if I keep going too much, I'm going to burn out.

I do have some maps to make yet, but the maps I have made made me realize that the other two maps are actually complex and have multi layers that are not so easy to take care of. (As in they need actual layouts and graphing and... yeah. I might print out graph paper and see what shakes loose that way.)

Anyway, this is my prep for NaNo at the end of September. November really needs to hurry up and get here.

(See, if any of my other projects would sit up and go "HI" at me, I'd work on one of them. But do they? Nope.)

Also, it's really freaking cold in here!
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Perhaps one of the most memorable parts of writing a story is the names. It's certainly what's usually the most memorable thing to the reader. Say the name Draco and what pops to mind? What about the name Edward? How about Anita? Or even the name Logan?

They are memorable names. Plain in the real world, throwing them into fiction has given them a new layer and made them into something more.

Choosing these names is often an agonising process. A name that fits the personality of the character but also fits into the world that you're attempting to create among the pages that you're writing. Obviously, if you use the real world, you have some leeway with what names you use. We've all heard unusual names. Some of us may even have them. Depending on the country you use as your setting, you can even have a little girl named Faith living next to a little boy named Achmed-Akeem.

If you use a world of your creation, however, you need to be slightly more careful. Why? Because unless you establish a diversity among your populace, then, you cannot have Thom the blacksmith in one house and Frenkilinskowich the butcher. It just doesn't work, and takes the suspension of belief just a little too far.

As a writer, unless a name sits up and says "HERE I AM" to me, oftentimes I use something we call 'placeholder names'. Meaning names that can be used for the character, until a "real" name sits up and smacks us in the nose with a rolled up newspaper. (Hey, sometimes writers can be a little dense when it comes to our stories. Especially our characters. And any writer who tells you any different - with a straight face - should be read immediately, because obviously they have storytelling skills.)

These names can be anything from a number, to something that describes them. It's rather amusing to reread the names and try to figure out what to really call them. Sometimes, the characters even grow into the "temporary name" that was given them.

Right now, I'm editing a work that I've been working on for far too long. And one of the things that has come up is that a lot - if not all - of the names need to be changed. As I'm slowly going through it (and it's so damned SLOW trust me) little pieces of names keep popping up here and there. I'm not sure if I'll use any of them, but perhaps, when I take a break later, I'll work on changing the names, just so I can have something ever so different, and it'll be one more thing crossed off the to do list for this story.

Now, back to editing.


Jun. 6th, 2009 10:01 pm
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Everyone comes up with characters in different ways. Everyone plucks those little bits of psyche out of the ether in ways that probably only make sense to them.

Sometimes, they get a physical description first. Blonde hair, green eyes, a bit pudgy, with long thin fingers/limp brown hair, dark tan, brown eyes... And on and on and on.

Other times, it's the way they dress. Jimmy Choos, and Vera Wang, or maybe flannel and jeans.

Maybe it's something they say or do. Maybe it's their job, or their accent. Maybe it's something they see. Or something they smell.

Anyway, the point is, there's many ways that authors come up with characters. It doesn't really matter how it comes up. There are a few things, however, that are, really, universal. It doesn't matter how the characters first appear, they all have the same things. Height, weight, appearances, etc etc.

Now, I'm not a chart or sheet kind of person, but they do have their uses. I even collect character sheets. I like looking at them at times to just give me an idea of what to do with the characters when they're being cranky about growing.

I have several, but this latest one is... interesting. I haven't seen one quite as comprehensive. So, I'm posting it here, just for shits and giggles.

Character Sheet )

I haven't filled it out for anyone, yet. But it does look interesting. I might attempt it later, however.


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