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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2017-01-29 02:35 pm

Mrr. Money blatherings

Money sucks. *pulls a face*

Rent: 120
Duke: 254
Net: 77
Phone: 211
Cat: 30
Total: 692

Then paycheck:

40 hours, at 8.6 an hour....

its about $282

Savings: 100
Discover: 100
Gas: 60
Total: 260

Sure, that leaves me a bit short, but it's worth it, because every penny that goes into savings is for the trip to England. For transportation or staying, or whatever. I'm trying to save everything I have to go.

Right now, I have $2200, and that will cover plane fare there.

But I need train fare to DC, and hotel fare for a while, and stuff.

Sigh. If we end up not being able to go because of money, I'm going to be pissed. But if I can save every penny possible, then, we should be able to go.

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