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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2016-09-14 09:27 am

Spring planning

I'm posting this here and then crossposting to Plurk, because I need to know what classes I should take.

Greek 102 Irvin MWF 11.30-12.45
WGS 201: Intro to Women's Studies UPH MW 8.30-9.50am
GEO 121: Geology: Earth's Physical Environments SHD TR 8.30-9.50am; LAB T 6-7.50pm
ENG 281 OR 311: The English Novel OR Contemporary Fiction
ENG 320: Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction PBD TR 2.30-3.50

That covers all my requirements for my major, and starts in on requirements for my minor. It doesn't, however, start my thematic sequence crap that I have to have.

Found my Thematic Sequence:

CLS 121: Intro to Classic Mythology TR 10-11.20
CLS 336: Ancient Sexualities
CLS 332: Classic Mythology and the Arts

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