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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2016-08-30 07:16 pm

Sooooo. Hi.

Not sure how long of an update this will be. Let's start with things that are good:

- I graduated with my Associate's degree. I am officially a Cincinnati State graduate. I finished up a couple weeks ago.

- I was accepted into Miami of Ohio's English Lit program. I'm currently a sophomore, but hopefully will be counted as a Junior, when my final transcript goes through.

- I started at Miami on Monday.

- I have a car now! (Have I written about my car here? I can't remember) this makes getting back and forth from college infinitely easier.

- I'm taking Ancient Greek. I'm very amused.

- Got my nose pierced, too.

Now things that are not so good:

- I have ten minutes between all my classes. This makes getting back and forth around campus a pain in the feet, because I have to walk all those places.

- I got denied for SSI again. I don't know what to do now.

- I have to pay car insurance.

Anyway, I'm taking four classes at Miami:

Greek 101 - Ancient Greek
English 298 - Cultural Studies
English 226 - Intro to short fiction and poetry
History 245 - Europe between 1450-1750

So far things seem to be going well? The Ancient Greek is interesting, and certainly worth it. I wrote today in English 226. It's the first original piece I've done in... forever?

Anyway.... here, have a read:

Personal Demons

"You aren't good enough." The winged viper on my shoulder starts whispering as soon as the alarm clangs me out of sleep. It gets louder as the day goes on, hissing and spitting in my ear as I struggle to function in a terrifying world.

"You aren't good enough." The words echo around my head with every person I pass. I don't smile at them; they don't smile at me. A bubble of self-hatred and loathing insulates me from the basic joys.

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