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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2015-11-15 07:48 am


After much dithering back and forth, I decided to drop my public speaking course and take an art history course.


- I want to tutor, and public speaking was on Mondays and everything else was on Tuesday/Thursday. It cut into my tutoring time.
- I know public speaking will be offered this summer, whereas I'm not sure art history will. I need both for my degree.
- I'm putting off public speaking.
- I like having long days, and not spreading everything out over several days. So, this gives me a long day Tuesday/Thursday.

My Tuesday/Thursday is going to be long, class starts at 830, and then I have class pretty much until 2pm. Which isn't too bad, that's three classes. My fourth, as always, is online.

So, my schedule now looks like this:

8.30-9.45 Art History
10.00-11.15 American history
12.00-1.50 Stats

Lit is online.