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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2009-05-03 05:45 pm

The Beginning

And in the beginning there was a post.

And here it is.

Honestly, I dithered on names for this account most of a weekend. I gave hard thought to it, and, eventually, decided that I needed a blog that is truly about my writing. And to do that, I needed it to be mine.

That probably makes no sense, but I'm not trying to make sense to you. Not yet, anyway.

Eventually, though, I'm sure you will understand my circular reasoning, and hopefully, come to understand what is here.

For now, let me give you an overview of what you will, and will not see here:


- Anime reviews
- Talk about being a mom and writing
- Talk about word counts and editing
- Talk about publishing, e-publishing, Triond, and others
- Book reviews
- Occasional snippets of stories

Will not:

- Fanfiction (sorry!)
- Talk of children, by name
- Personal stuff

Eventually, I'm going to get up a post about current projects, my feelings about them, and possibly a synopsis of what they are about. I will definitely give you a run down of the 'headpeople' as I like to call them and what they like to torture me with.

So. Here I am: Cat Rood, the writer.