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Cat Rood ([personal profile] cat_rood) wrote2030-10-01 10:00 pm
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Since I've recently noticed an uptick in people reading this, I thought I'd put up my friending policy:

Feel free to add me at will. This blog is here for everyone to read/enjoy/comment on. If it's unlocked and you stumble across it? Feel free to comment! Add your two cents in. Who knows where it might go?

However, and here's the big thing:

I might not add you back. Not because I don't want to be friends. Not because I don't find you interesting. But because I'm a lazy, lazy bint. Yep, I admit to being horribly lazy. Even when it comes to handling things like this blog.

I like getting random, non-spam comments from people. I think they're awesome. I've made some good friends that way. I hope to keep making new ones.

Things you're going to find in this blog can be found here.

I'm going to add that you probably won't find any fiction not written for prompts on this blog.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.