Aug. 30th, 2016

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Not sure how long of an update this will be. Let's start with things that are good:

- I graduated with my Associate's degree. I am officially a Cincinnati State graduate. I finished up a couple weeks ago.

- I was accepted into Miami of Ohio's English Lit program. I'm currently a sophomore, but hopefully will be counted as a Junior, when my final transcript goes through.

- I started at Miami on Monday.

- I have a car now! (Have I written about my car here? I can't remember) this makes getting back and forth from college infinitely easier.

- I'm taking Ancient Greek. I'm very amused.

- Got my nose pierced, too.

Now things that are not so good:

- I have ten minutes between all my classes. This makes getting back and forth around campus a pain in the feet, because I have to walk all those places.

- I got denied for SSI again. I don't know what to do now.

- I have to pay car insurance.

Anyway, I'm taking four classes at Miami:

Greek 101 - Ancient Greek
English 298 - Cultural Studies
English 226 - Intro to short fiction and poetry
History 245 - Europe between 1450-1750

So far things seem to be going well? The Ancient Greek is interesting, and certainly worth it. I wrote today in English 226. It's the first original piece I've done in... forever?

Anyway.... here, have a read:

Personal Demons )


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