Sep. 28th, 2015

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So, today, next semester's classes dropped so that we could look at them. I, being the obsessive that I am, looked, and spoke with an adviser. So, next semester looks like this:

Communications 110: Public Speaking*: M/W 11.30-12.45
History 111: American History to 1877: T/R 10-11.15
Math 131: Statistics 1: T/R 12-1.50
Literature 210: The Short Story: Online

*The public speaking is required to graduate. In fact, I don't think they offer a major where it isn't required. Otherwise, I would not be taking it. Ever. I have been putting it off, but because of the way my schedule looks next semester, it's about the only thing that will fit. Because I don't want my daughter having to watch her brother again. And the way the classes are now? He'll be home alone for maybe 15 minutes before I get home.

Also, he advised me to put in my petition to graduate in January. Because I'm that close to being able to. I can't tell if the panic attack is for graduating, or the thought of standing in front of people and talking.

I plan on tutoring next semester too. It's not a lot of money - especially when people don't show up - but it is something, and that's better than nothing. (I mean, my first paycheck was $21. Not a lot at all.)

Now, back to my paper writing. Because those need done.


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