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Title: Second Chance
Prompt: Friend in Need
Rating: R (just in case, because of the themes)
Summary/Warnings: PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING: Domestic violence, attempted suicide
Second Chance )
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Title: Inside Out
Prompt: Fireworks
Rating: R
Summary/Warnings: Sexual themes. Jenny/Inugo story
Inside Out )
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Title: Packs and Packing
Prompt: Sunset Stroll
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: Jenith/Bear universe
Packs and Packing )
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Title: A Cage Without Bars
Prompt: Trapped
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: None. Felicity universe.
Cage Without Bars )
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Title: Looking for Revolution
Prompt: Shopping
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Warnings: Mentions slavery and suicide. Kenny/Max story.
Looking for Revolution )
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Title: Hunger is the best motivator
Prompt: First time
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: Backstory! Jenny/Inugo
Hunger is the best motivator )
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Title: Muscle Control
Prompt: Beauty
Rating: PG
Summary/Warnings: Backstory! Also, pervy thoughts. Same universe as this
Muscle Control )
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Title: The Ball
Prompt: Unacknowledged Love
Rating: PG
Summary/Warnings: None. Same universe as Wedding Jitters
The Ball )
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Title: Wedding Jitters
Prompt: Marriage/Pairing/soulbonding (arranged or otherwise)
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: None.
Wedding Jitters )
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Title: Truths Unwanted
Prompt: Animals
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Warnings: Racism. Classism. A lot of other –isms. Kenny/Max universe

Truths Unwanted )


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