Oct. 5th, 2015

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No, not my paltry paycheck, though that's coming too. I'm talking about my financial aid check.

That means, it's time to sort out what goes where in terms of money:

stuff )

that's about it, really. I need a car, but that has to wait until Spring, when I get that check. Then, I'll get a car and never have any money. I wish I was kidding. I'm not, not really.

If I can save that $1k, and then like $10-15 per month from my check? I'm ahead of the game. It helps that that's about what I'll get from my job right now. I'm thinking about not being a tutor next semester and just letting that go. I mean, the paltry sum is nice, but it's paltry, and it's just not worth the hassle and stuff. I understand why people don't do it for more than one semester.

And next semester, I'll be even more confined on my time, having classes four days a week. (Monday through Thursday)

I'm just not impressed today. I want to curl up in bed, and there's too much to do.


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